X-ing out the alcohol

SRO Anthony Davis helped students understand the risks with drunk driving.

Juan Serrano, Staff Writer

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In the past year, over 16,000 people died due to alcohol-related crashes. Hoping to lower that statistic by as much as they possibly could, Anthony Davis, the school’s resource officer, Elizabeth Zlitni and the Kansas Highway Patrol teamed up.

Zlitni reached out to Officer Davis with the idea of making a driving course that utilizes a special pair of goggles that simulate having a blood alcohol content of .08, the legal alcohol limit for a person 21 and over to be able to drive. The goggles were supplied by the Kansas Highway Patrol.

The course consisted of students driving the gator with the goggles on through a set of cones arranged in a different pattern each day with Officer Davis trying to interrupt their concentration.

The Kansas Highway Patrol also brought a machine that simulates crashing a car going five to eight miles an hour, which helps bring awareness to seatbelt use as a passenger.

Many people participated in the driving course and crash simulator, ranging from eight graders to seniors.