Construction continues rapidly


Darrah Lane, Staff Writer

When students return from winter break in January, they can expect to find the west wing construction completed with two new science classrooms and athletic locker rooms below.

Then after spring break, students can expect a new and ready B-Tech building.

“We are  hoping to make the transition to the B-Tech over spring break. The administration would like the seniors to have the opportunity to experience the new building,” HTK head architect Charley Sexton said.

The building will house print and video journalism, industrial technology, and business and materialism processing programs.

“We’re going to have state-of-the-art equipment and technology and shared spaces, so kids are going to have more opportunities to collaborate,” principal Rick Moulin said. “I’ve walked through the building and looked at the layout and things like that. It’s going to be amazing.”

Moulin said flexible seating will be a unique feature of the building, with furniture that is easily moved to recreate new spaces.

Many students have wondered how passing period will work since the building will not be attached to the main building.

“What the board is talking about is having the building  unlocked during passing period and then have some kind of buzz-in system once passing period is over,” Moulin said.

Once the B-Tech building is ready and open, phase two of the construction will begin in the basement. Sexton said there will be “massive” changes and that the majority of the basement will be walled off from stairwell to stairwell from mid-March on.

Current PE students will relocate to the new athletic locker rooms due to renovation of the bathrooms and old locker rooms.

The current wood shop will be converted into a new shared suite for the FACS program while the welding shop and AV classroom spaces will become a commons area.

The upstairs will also be seeing changes over the summer once school is out.

The library will be renovated, with more comfortable seating, like booths, and a new conference room.

The serving area in the cafeteria will have a new look and will include a U-shaped serving area, a specialty food bar, a new à la carte space-—all with the hope of making the set-up more functional.

The FACS classrooms will be renovated for the life skills program to better meet the needs of students.

The current life skills room will also be remodeled.

“That space is going to be renovated and is going to house our CNA program and our law and public safety program,” Moulin said.

The cost of renovations at the high school is approximately $18.9 million.

“It’s pretty exiting,” Sexton said.

See for a complete look at the plans.