Join a Club!




Key Club -Jason Romanishin

What is this club: This club is based on serving the community and people in need by helping and giving back to others.
Why should you join this club: If you are interested in helping others and the community this club is for you! We provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate caring to improve leadership to serve others.







Art Club -Jessica Conner

What is this club: This club is for students interested in art competitions and for improving and making art for themselves and others.
Why should you join this club: You should join this club because with more people in this club the more we can do, and the more fun we can have!






Orange Crush -Erin Rausch

What is this club: This club is all about building school spirit and celebrating the achievements of our classmates. This club is important because it helps build community and teaches sportsmanship. It really is a lot of fun to come together as a school community and cheer our classmates on!
Why should you join this club: You should join this club because members of this club get free admission to the home sporting events, as well as a t-shirt and some occasional surprise Bonner swag! We meet and sit together at sporting events and cheer loud and proud for our Bonner Braves!





FCCLA -Dawn Sommers

What is this club: FCCLA is Family Career and Community Leaders of America. We get to know each other in the school and do some community service projects together. Students find a topic or career path they are interested in or passionate about and compete in their given area. We compete at the District level. If you qualify you get to travel with the group to compete at the State level.
Why should you join this club: This club helps students to connect with other students, not only here at our school, but across our district, state and nation. All of these students are like-minded in a sense they want to excel in their careers, lead their families and blend and help others




GSA -Tim Hoffman 

What is this club: This space is where LGBTQIA+ students can get together in a space that is open, welcoming, and understanding of their identity journey. I started this club because students told me they wanted a space by and for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Why should you join this club: The club is open to LGBTQIA+ students who are always encouraged to join to let their voices be heard, but it’s also open to allies that want to learn and support their peers.