Seniors, do you need help on your research paper?

Brenna Holt, A&E editor

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If you’re a senior looking for extra help on your research paper, look no further than Mr. Holder’s room after school.

Senior English teachers Mr. Holder and Ms. Baker will hold after school work time to help students with their paper. There has already been one session which brought in 12 students looking for help.

“Mr. Holder always has good suggestions for my paper when I’m feeling lost and stressed about the whole thing.” senior Summer Ney said.

Holder and Baker started holding the sessions last year and decided to continue to do so with this year’s seniors.

“It really helped students because they got individual time to work on their paper”, Holder said.

Next time you’re in Holder or Baker’s class, make sure to ask when the next ‘research paper party’ is; there’s free popcorn and valuable help.