Fight to the finish

Sayra Serrano, Sports and Web Editors

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When Principal Rick Moulin went into the weight room to work out with the athletes on a recent April day, he didn’t know that he would come out having made a bet with the track team throwers. He dared junior thrower LaVoide Simpson to a 4×1 race, the administration team versus the throwers relay.

Eventually the track coaches joined the event by challenging senior athletes. The coaches versus seniors race included decorated former student athletes Eric Kinney, LaDrew Murrell, Jarrett Hernandez and Jake Wike. On the senior side, it was Chris Broome, Trey Whetstone, Brendon Lawrence and Kameron Moten.

The anticipation grew as videos of the administration training began to surface Bonner Springs social media. The videos were filmed in a strangely deserted commons area, and they featured the administrative team doing sprints and discussing their game plan for the race.

The day was cloudy on the track, perhaps foreshadowing the loss two of the four teams would endure on that spring day.

As spectators began walking onto the field, two town ambulances pulled into the YMCA parking lot and began setting up their equipment in case of a pulled hamstring.

The teams began warming up on the field, and the staff scoped out their competition with a look of determination. The students confidently jogged laps with the rest of the track team.

The coaches versus students race went first and as head coach Kyle Razak shot the gun, Coach Wike bolted from his blocks immediately smoking former state qualifier Brendon Lawrence. After the impressive start, the race seemed almost easy for the track coaching staff. Hernandez and Whetstone faced off, but once the baton got into Kinney’s hands it was easy to tell who would win. Murrell flew past his opponent taking the coaching staff to a well-deserved victory.

As soon and the athletes from the first race came off of the track, the administration and throwers relay took their places.

Matt Dunning, Doug Hitchcock, Don Hilliard and Rick Moulin squared up against Basil Broome, Brendon Suarez, LaVoid Simpson and Omar Brantley.

The competition was tight but the administration pulled ahead as soon as the baton got to the second leg of the race.

After all of the trash-talking and bragging, the administration had finally proven their superiority.

Although the throwers relay was not successful in defeating the administration, assistant track coach Heather Campbell says they will be training for a rematch in the near future.