A look at Fantasy Geopolitics

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A look at Fantasy Geopolitics

Wyatt Hall, Staff Writer

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Every two weeks during Wednesday seminar, a little club called Geopolitics gathers in Terese Quenette’s room to eat food and play an assortment of world-based games.

The club centers around geography and current events, and the main activity that the club partakes in is Fantasy Geopolitics, a geopolitical version of Fantasy Football.

“Instead of adding and trading [players], we add and drop nations based on our predictions of who is going to be in the news the next couple months,” said Quenette, a social studies teacher and sponsor of the club.

The secondary activity that the club does in between the main meetings is Geoguessr, a game of finding where in the world you are.

“Google Maps drops you in the middle of nowhere and you walk up and down the street to figure out where you are. Meanwhile, a teammate is doing the same and you try to guess where your location is and whoever is closer wins,” said Quenette.

Even students that don’t know much about current events or geography can get involved, simply by talking to Quenette about joining.

“Many kids don’t actually watch the news at all, they couldn’t name 20 countries around the world and we don’t mind,” Quenette said, “A lot of kids just join because it sounds like fun.”

Quenette encourages students to consider coming to the next meeting, which will feature the winter break Fantasy Geopolitics draft.

“It’s a fun crowd, it’s a loud crowd, and food is priority,” said Quenette, “We rule the world. Come join us.”