City of Bonner Springs is hiring for the summer

Melody Ellis, Sports Writer

In need of a summer job? 

According to recreation coordinator Betsy Smith, the Bonner Springs Aquatic Park is looking to hire 15 to 20 lifeguards.

In order to be a lifeguard, you must pass the Red Cross Lifeguard certification class. Prerequisite are a 300-yard swim, a two-minute tread water with no hands and a ten-pound brick retrieval from underwater.

“When going through the certification class, you are really nervous, but it is actually pretty easy and you have no reason to worry,” said junior Sydney Taylor, a returning lifeguard. 

The lifeguard certification classes are provided through the aquatic center on the following dates: Feb. 28-March 1, March 16-18, March 19-21, April 17-19 and April 24-26. Applicants only have to attend one of these sessions and the cost is just $40 per person. 

Another returning lifeguard, senior Avery Hill, said her experience last summer was beneficial.

“It [the aquatic center] is a very family friendly place to work and it is honestly very easy. I liked being able to make new friends from different schools and everyone knew you,” said Hill

Smith said the sooner applicants apply, the better.

“Please don’t wait until April to look for a job. Turn in an application at . You’ll receive a phone call for an interview and if qualified, we’ll sign you up for a Lifeguard Certification Class,” said Smith. 

Working at the aquatic park will allow applicants to meet new people and grow friendships. 

“Being a lifeguard is a great first job and I highly recommend it to those interested. The managers will be your best friend and they make working at BSAP a lot more fun,” said Taylor.

Join the Bonner Springs Aquatic Park family by becoming a lifeguard