Accepting the Red Trucks

Accepting the Red Trucks

Julianne Jackson, Editor

You’re pulling into the school parking lot, look down and see your clock showing 7:46 a.m. in fluorescent lights. As you see this you start to do the typical, half-laugh, half-cry­ knowing you’ll owe yet another hour detention.

And this of course is not your fault. Yes, you left late but you could not control the red truck in front of you going 10 miles under the speed limit all the way down Nettleton.

Every now and again life hits us with our own red trucks, our own little inconveniences. You have no way of controlling these things and they seem to irritate you even more than the things you can control.

As humans we like to know the why behind everything. Why did this happen to me? Why did it happen at this time? Why couldn’t we have postponed this inconvenience to another time?

I like to think of these little inconveniences as little safety nets because life has a crazy way of working out, especially in ways that you least expect it.

Maybe being late to school this morning saved you from being in a car accident that you may have encountered if you had been allowed to get to school on time by speeding. Maybe not getting the part you wanted in the school play opened up a new opportunity you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. And maybe the heartbreak you’re experiencing now is going to bring you a happiness that you would not have appreciated without having your heartbroken.

A lot of things go “wrong” on any given day, but I challenge you to take a step back and try to connect the dots, or at least accept the fact that it happened for a reason.

Sometimes that reason won’t be as obvious or won’t exactly mean anything to you, and that’s the best part.

Some days you will be the person late to school stuck behind the red truck, and some days you will be the red truck in someone else’s life.

Without even knowing it, you could potentially create a safety net to someone else.

Life is unpredictable and that’s the best part. Don’t get so caught up in the inconvenience that you forget the safety it may have brought you.