Best season since the return of Michael Jordan


Wyatt Barrett and Jacob Peterson

Senior Gabbie Chavez made history with an opening-round win at the state tournament on Oct. 18. 

In defeating her Andover Central opponent, Chavez became the first player since 1995 to win an opening-round singles match at state.

Chavez said she was overwhelmed and surprised by her performance and said she had no idea that it had been 24 years since the last singles victory.

¨I was proud that I made it at regionals because the year before I had struggled at regionals,” Chavez said.

Although Chavez was extremely proud, her coaches were also ecstatic. 

“I was very excited to see Gabbie win a match at state. “She has worked very hard to make it this far,” said Matt Dow, an assistant coach.

Chavez wasn’t the only person to make it to state. The doubles team of juniors Emily Ashford and Sofia Bowman also competed.

“Emily and Sofia are both very fun to watch, and they will be back next season for their senior year,” Dow said.”I am excited to see how they do.” 

Bowman is equally optimistic about the future.

“I agree with what Coach Dow said,” Bowman said. “Emily and I have been BFF’s for a long time and we have really good chemistry together.”