Athlete of the Week: Reyven McDonald


Shayla Frazier, Staff Writer

Reyven McDonald is our newest Athlete of the Issue. The senior volleyball player and powerlifter has been in competition with the girls in the power weight class and is a two-time state champion.

How did you do at the state competition on Feb. 29, 2020?

I took first in squat, bench, and second in clean, but first overall.

What went through your mind? 

The last time I won state was my sophomore year and I didn’t have a great junior year, so I was really determined and tried really hard to stay ahead of all of my competition. I felt accomplished because I had worked hard all year and I was doing it for Coach Eaddy.

What was your training like? 

During practice it’s a lot of physical conditioning but when you’re going into a competition, it’s a mental and technique type of training. You have to make sure you’re not psyching yourself out before lifting and keeping yourself calm.

How much have you improved since freshman year?

It was the first year the club had developed, and we were just starting and I wanted to do well, but I wasn’t very determined. I was also competing with athletes who had experience and each meet I continued to make progress.

Personal Records? 

In bench, 190; in squat, 360; and in clean, 205.

How will your powerlifting experiences impact your college decision? 

I am looking for a college that has a powerlifting program, so I can actively compete and major in nursing. I’ve looked into William Jewell, Missouri Valley, Ottawa University and Midland University.