NFL CBA Changes


Christopher Adams, Features Editor

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is planning on making some huge changes to future NFL seasons.

The new changes include expanding the regular season to 17 games, having 14 teams in the playoffs and changing in NFL roster sizes. 

If the new rules are passed, the 17-game regular season won’t go into effect this next season, but the 14 team playoff rule would start next season. 

If the playoff rule was in effect last season of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams would have been in the playoffs as No. 7 seeds. The Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, would have had to play in the wild card round against the Steelers. 

NFL players, including J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Richard Sherman, have expressed on social media that they don’t agree with the new possible changes.

“Hard no on that proposed CBA,” said Watt, a defensive end for the Houston Texans.

Not too many players have said anything positive about the new changes, but Detroit Lions linebacker Devon Kennard has. 

“My vote was YES,” Kennard said on Twitter.

I have a very mixed opinion on these new changes. Part of me likes the new changes but the other part of me doesn’t like it.

As a huge NFL fan, it’s hard to not like the new rule changes. We get to watch one extra regular season week of football and two extra wildcard games on wildcard weekend. 

I can also see why some NFL players don’t agree with the changes. It forces them to play an extra regular season game with no extra bye week and that is probably the reason why some players are voting no. I’m sure players are also concerned about getting injured in the extra game.

In my opinion, I hope the changes get passed and approved because it would be interesting to see an extra regular season game and an extra team in the playoffs. I won’t be mad if the changes don’t happen though. I’ll still watch every game of the NFL that I can and still enjoy them.