Top March Madness Moments


Christopher Adams, Sports Writer

With the calendar already hitting March 2021, many sports fans love this month mainly because of one thing, March Madness. 

March Madness is a huge tournament of 68 college basketball teams all competing to win the championship.

March Madness begins on Thursday, March 18th this year, and the championship will be played on Monday, April 5th.

It’s nearly impossible to name every “top moment” that has ever happened in this tournament, but I’m going to talk about three (not in order) very memorable recent March Madness moments.


Number Three: Loyola Chicago’s Crazy 2018 Run

There have only been four times a No. 11 seed has made it into the final four of the March Madness tournament, and Loyola Chicago was the fourth team to do it in 2018.

Loyola Chicago started their run in the first round with a very close 64-62 win over No. 6 Miami. No one thought that this team would’ve made it all the way to the Final Four.

Chicago played No. 3 seed Tennessee in the second round, and this was a crazy game. It was close basically the whole game but Loyola Chicago pulled off the upset with a 63-62 win.

Loyola Chicago was now in the Sweet Sixteen going up against the No. 7 seed Nevada. It was once again another close game, but Loyola Chicago pulled it off with a 69-68 victory to advance to the Elite Eight.

Loyola Chicago was now up against No. 9 seed Kansas State in the Elite Eight. They ended up dominating this game with a 78-62 victory to be the fourth 11 seed to ever advance to the Final Four in March Madness history.

They ended up losing 69-57 to No.  3 seed Michigan in the Final Four, but their run was still very memorable.


Number Two: UMBC Shocks the World

On March 16, 2018, No. 16 seed UMBC pulled off one of the craziest upsets in March Madness history with their 74-54 victory over No. 1 seed Virginia.

Before this game, a No. 16 seed had never beaten a No. 1 seed in March Madness history, which is why this game was talked about so much. 

“I’ve been watching and coaching in NCAA tournament games my whole life, and I’ve heard it just like we all have, that a 16 will never defeat a top seed,” UMBC’s head coach Ryan Odem said after the game.

Virginia was 31-2, while UMBC was only 24-9, but UMBC pulled off the near-impossible and advanced to the next round of the tournament.


Number One: Buzzer Beater Game Winner to Win the Championship

In 2016 No. 1 seed North Carolina faced off against No. 2 seed Villanova in the March Madness Championship. 

This was one of the craziest championship games in March Madness history. Villanova was looking to win their first championship since 1985, while North Carolina was looking to get their sixth championship in total.

This game was back-and-forth the whole game, with every basketball fan enjoying every second of it. 

With 13 seconds left, Villanova led by three points after Josh Hart knocked down both free throws.

North Carolina needed a three to tie the game or a quick two. Point guard Marcus Paige shot one of the craziest off-balance three-pointers to tie the game up at 74-74 with 4.7 seconds left.

After a timeout, Villanova inbounded the ball under their own basket with 4.7 seconds left. Kris Jenkins inbounded the ball to teammate Ryan Arcidiacono, who ran up court with Jenkins behind him.

Arcidiacono crossed half-court and passed the ball back to Jenkins, and he shot a contested three-pointer that went in as time expired to win Villanova the National Championship. 

This championship game was one of the best basketball games a fan could ask for, and adding a buzzer-beater to win the National Championship just makes it even better.