Cylysce Garcia prepares to power lift

Kassondra Green, Staff Writer

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When news spread that Bonner Springs will be starting a powerlifting team, Cylysce Garcia tackled the chance to compete.

“I’ve been lifting for a year and a half now and the moment i heard that this program was starting I immediately took the opportunity.” said Cylysce.

She is competing in squat, bench and clean.

“I’m looking forward to squatting because my strength comes from my legs and I tend to be weak on my upper body.”

Her goal for this season is to grow mentally and to be proud of herself.

“I’ve lost close to 60 pounds over this last couple of years,” said Cylysce.

She has been preparing for this ever since she started her lifting and weight loss journey.

“I’ve been eating healthier, and I go to the gym everyday,” said Cylysce.

Their first meet is on December 10 and Cylysce hopes to improve in every lift.

“I want to grow,” said Cylysce. “My goal is to be happy no matter what the outcome is”.

Powerlifting means a lot to Cylysce and she is ready for it to start.

“No matter what the outcome is, I’m doing this for me,” said Cylysce.