New winter sport: powerlifting


Kaleb Hightower, Staff Writer

As fall sports are coming to an end, a new winter sport emerges: powerlifting.

“Any student at the high school or at Clark Middle School can join the powerlifting team,” new coach Chad Eaddy said.

Powerlifting involves three lifts: clean, squat and bench.

When athletes arrive at the powerlifting meets, they are weighed. This way athletes are only competing with people within nine pounds of their weight. Weight classes begin at 105 pounds for women and 115 pounds for men.

After the weight classifications are finished, athletes move into the competition area. For most schools, this means the gym or the weight room.

Athletes can medal in four different categories, including bench, squat, clean and overall lifter. The overall lifter medals are given to the athletes with the highest combined weight lifted.

For the first year, Eaddy’s goal is to compete with schools in our area, including Piper, Tonganoxie and Basehor.

Eaddy was motivated to start the powerlifting team when he arrived this summer and learned that there was no powerlifting team at the high school.

“I listened to the community,” Eaddy said. “I heard that several of our rivals had teams and that we needed to be competing with them. I wanted to give students who don’t wrestle or play basketball [a chance] to compete,” Eaddy said.

Coach Eaddy got the sport approved from athletic director Doug Hitchcock and principal Rick Moulin.

The team is set to start practicing the week of Nov. 22. Student-athletes will be required to practice at least three times a week. There are currently eight meets on the schedule, with the first one being an intra-squad meet on Dec. 10.

The team does not currently have a budget for equipment, but they plan on fundraising to buy uniforms.

“I have very high expectations for the powerlifting team,” Eaddy said.