The Pixar Theory


Natalie Delgado, Staff Writer

In 2012, the idea that all Pixar movies exist in the same universe was introduced. Since then  its creator Jon Negroni has popularised the theory, explained how every movie connects, and even has written a book over the theory. 

The Pixar theory begins with the Good Dinosaur where the prehistoric creatures thrive and we see them with intelligence. Later on they go extinct where humans eventually rule. Next in the timeline is Brave, a time that is more familiar to us. In the movie we meet a witch who has harnessed magic powers and uses it to cause inanimate objects and animals to behave like humans. She also seems to be familiar with what looks like time travel through doors. Later on, this magic is the birth of superheroes in the Incredibles and we begin to see technology have more power like in the A.I. bots that the character Buddy created. These powers eventually begin to spread to more objects and machines like toys. In Toy Story we see toys have life and use humans as their power source. In the later movies we see toys begin to feel resentment towards their past humans. This resentment continues with animals. They resent them for polluting the environment, stealing fish, and experimenting on the fish. In Finding Nemo, Dory’s forgetful memory is a product of the experiment. The fish are pretty advanced with schooling systems and are developing human-like characteristics. 

In ratatouille we see the rats too resent humans and feel fear towards them. Unlike his clan, Remmy doesn’t feel as much hate for them and actually interacts with a human for the purpose of controlling him. 

Then we have Toy Story 3 where we see that a majority of toys hate humans because of how they are treated. 

In UP we see an old man, Carl, being forced to give up his home because of the company that’s been growing throughout the Pixar films, BnL. We see them destroying virtually everything and polluting the earth. Once they discover their destination, Carl discovers that à man he grew up adoring has been training an army of dogs that are able to now communicate with humans and they don’t seem very fond of humans. We believe that a few years later the uprising of animals against humans began. 

When the war against animals and humans, the machines helped the humans win. The machines helping them win tipped off the balance on earth and humans were sent to space Axiom. Machines were left on earth to run things, hence Cars. 

In Cars 2 we see them begin to have an energy crisis with oil, which is the only thing that powers cars. Allinol (run by BnL) uses green energy as a catalyst for fuel and eventually pollutes the whole world making it uninhabitable. 

In Wall-E we see that he is the only one that inhabits the earth along with the cockroach and his love, Eve. They start the new beginning of the Earth and grow a plant. 

Later on, that same plant in Wall-E grows up to become the tree in A Bug’s life. In A Bug’s Life on earth there are mostly animals and too few humans to be a threat. Bigger animals are the threat.

 Hundreds of years after Wall-E, animals began major changes due to BnL radiation and evolved into Monsters. In Monsters Inc. we see that monsters are taught that humans were toxic and from another dimension. They eventually realized that humans were their source of energy, and needed to sustain life. Doors are used to time travel to human generations. One human they met is Boo. 

Boo became obsessed with trying to find Sully. Since the monster’s time traveled through doors, she remembered this and eventually figured it out. We find Boo in Brave as the witch with all the magic. She time traveled trying to find Sully going through these different times and even leaving easter eggs throughout the movies