Memories tucked away in a folder


Senior Sierra Pier

Zaynab Zlitni, Staff Writer

With graduation just around the corner, seniors who attended Clark Middle School prepare to open the portfolios they made in 8th grade. The portfolios include a letter to your future self, photos, and any other pieces of your life you might have tucked away.

BSHS faculty member Sarah Benton previously worked as an 8th grade English teacher and each year had students make their portfolios.

“The idea of the Senior Letter project originally came from Mrs. Tate, who taught at Clark Middle School her whole teaching career and just retired 2 years ago,” Benton said. “She has done this project with her students for as long as I can remember.”

The portfolios are collected and saved by their teachers and are then handed out to the students when they receive their caps and gowns.

“I’m a little nervous to open my portfolio,” said senior Sierra Pier. “I’m excited to look at it and see who I was in eighth grade.”

Due to the effects COVID-19 has had on the school year, freshmen were not able to complete their portfolios.

“Ms. Knight and I will make sure that we continue the tradition of the Senior Letter project this year,” Benton said. “The 8th grade English teachers have given us their blessing to move the project up to the high school and starting this year, moving forward all freshmen will complete the project every May.”

Ms. Benton has received positive feedback regarding the portfolios and even had a student that transferred to Piper contact her about receiving her portfolio.

“Students are always excited while creating their projects at the end of the year, but according to Mr. Moulin, it’s always something our seniors look forward to getting back in their hands before they leave BSHS,” Benton said.

As graduation rounds the corner, students will be able to look forward to the long-awaited surprise that is opening the portfolios they made 4 years ago.

“I think I didn’t really know who I was in 8th grade. Everyone tried to be the same, I didn’t want to be made fun of for being the different person,” Pier said. “I look back at that now and laugh because I really couldn’t care less how similar I am to everyone else.”