New Year resolutions!


Jessica Mock

It’s 2023! A great way to ring in the new year is to set resolutions. Resolutions are different for everyone. People set resolutions for themselves for change. Change is good for many aspects of your life, including mental and physical health. There are so many kinds of resolutions you can set for you to better yourself.

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, save money, and spend more quality time with friends and family. People try to set these resolutions to try to start new habits. It’s hard to start new habits and keep going with them. It’s different for everyone when it comes to sticking to it. Going deeper into the subjects, and spending more time with friends and family is good for mental health. Surrounding yourself with people you love makes you feel loved. Saving money can be good for things in the future, as in buying things you absolutely need and not buying those random impulsive items.

In order to commit to your resolutions, you can implement helpful resources into your daily life. You can write in a journal daily and keep yourself accountable. You are able to write down how you’re feeling, what you’re doing to help yourself, and how you’ve accomplished things so far. You’re able to tell your friends and family about your resolutions for support; they will be able to help you through the good and the bad. 

New Year’s resolutions can be different for everyone, some are big intentions and others are more minor. Everything you decide for yourself is valid. Don’t let others discourage you from setting intentions for yourself. Be the best version of yourself!