The Spring Play: “A Play About A Dragon”


Alexander Chairez, Head of Diversity and Local Culture

It is the start of the spring semester here at Bonner Springs High School, meaning that the stage will be host to the annual Spring Play. This year, the theater department will be showing the play “A Play About a Dragon” A comical play set in Medieval England


A spoiler free summary goes as follows. “A merry band of down-on-their-luck actors are invited to perform a play about a knight slaying a dragon for the king. In reality, they have been hired to slay the real-life dragon that’s been terrorizing the land. Will they survive their final act, or will it be curtains for them?”


I had the pleasure of interviewing a few of the cast members about the play in hopes of giving everyone a little insight into the play


Question 1: Please introduce yourself and the character you play

  • Zoey Caughron: “I’m Rose or Bud. I am a princess and the fairest maiden in the land (to everyone’s knowledge) I envy being able to travel and have freedom and I am very pretty but secretly fierce.”
  • Lou Boude: “I’m Lou and I’m playing Grub in A play about a Dragon. I would describe Grub as a positive idiot. He is definitely a hopeless romantic”
  • Ethan Diaz: “My name is Ethan Diaz, and I play Prince Pinky in A Play About a Dragon! I am a nerdy, scholarly prince, who makes up for weakness with sharp and cunning intellect”
  • Blaize Fehlhafer: “A very tired dad trying to make sure his kids aren’t getting in trouble(Roland, The Stage Director”
  • Giovanni Morfin: “Morton, the director of a theatre company, comes off as a forcingly confident but cowardly fellow who is not afraid to do what is in his best self-interest.”


Question 2: Without spoiling the play, can you give your opinions on it?

  • Zoey Caughron: “I love it, it is hilarious and I can’t wait to get started on it and have fun.”
  • Lou Boude: “I love the play so far, it’s very funny!
  • Ethan Diaz: “So far, this play has been going swell”
  • Giovanni Morfin: “A Play About A Dragon, by Steph DeFerie, is a special kind of period piece, even though it’s not something I can say is a “must-watch”. I do appreciate what DeFerie has created, especially when it’s played out.”


Question 3: What should the audience expect from this play?

  • Zoey Caughron: “Seeing the play will make you laugh, especially our Grub who Lou plays, and I am very excited to see them play it.”
  • Lou Boude: “I would definitely expect to laugh a lot and be ready for some suspense!”
  • Ethan Diaz: “I hope you guys know to expect that this play is a parody. Overall, 10/10 would definitely recommend.”
  • Blaize Fehlhafer: “The show is gonna be great I think everyone should try to come out and watch”
  • Giovanni Morfin: “To be sensationalized”


In all, it seems that our spring play is full of humor, heart, and some suspense. The dates for the show are March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $7 but students and staff only need to pay $5. Hope to see you there!