Pow Wow’s Most Influential Women

Our staff members dedicate this Women’s History Month to the women who have impacted our lives

Madison Clark

Women’s History Month celebrates the important strides and accomplishments women have made for equality and opportunity in America. It is important that throughout this month we highlight women who have impacted our society in a positive way. Each newspaper staff member has selected one person who has had an influence on their lives and has written inspiring words about the ways they have been impacted.

Madison Clark –

Women’s History Month is all about celebrating strong women who have impacted our lives and society. With that in mind, my mother is one of the strongest women I know. She is a compassionate, strong, and kindhearted person. My mother has created an environment for me where I feel loved and supported through everything. She has dedicated her life to being a loving mother, wife, and teacher. I believe that my mother is the strongest role model in my life, and I am grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing woman.

Thatcher Hoch –

This paragraph is dedicated to my mom. Most of the people in Bonner know her by Mrs.Hoch. But to me, she is the role model of my life and an astounding person as she holds all the love in her heart. I appreciate my mother so much, she’s done everything and more for my family and me. I can’t wait to grow up and treat her with just as much love as she gave me as a child.

Abigail Casey –

The woman that has changed my life the most is my mom, Heather Casey. When I think of strong, incredible women, she is the first that comes to mind. For as long as I can remember, my mom has worked hard to ensure I know I’m loved and capable of anything. She has raised me to be a strong young woman who stands her ground while maintaining strong empathy for others. My mom is not only an intelligent business owner; She is a fantastic person with a huge heart. She is truly gorgeous inside and out. I’ve never known my mom to be anything but kind and understanding to everyone she encounters. She effortlessly lights up every room she enters with her bubbly personality and has the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. She always makes you want to laugh with her, even if she’s laughing at middle-aged lady humor on Facebook. I believe everyone needs a Heather Casey because having someone like her in your life is a gift, and I am endlessly grateful that I have her in mine.

Mia Smith –

Throughout my life, I have been very fortunate to have a plethora of female role models. However, there is one that has been a great help to me during my school years. Mrs. Harrell is currently a teacher here at BSHS and has been a rock for me for the past seven years. Anytime I am stressed or need somebody to talk to, she is there for me. I have seen first-hand how Mrs. Harrell uses her position to help students feel more confident in themselves and their abilities and be their shoulder to cry on during their times of need. I myself have used her as an example of who I strive to be like in the future. Mrs. Harrell’s confidence, ambition, and compassion are why she has been such an influential woman in my life.

Jenna Knight –

Mrs. Powers is very influential to me because she always holds her head up high. She is our school’s librarian and I feel as though she holds such a bright light in our school and to the students. We started growing our bond my junior year and I became her aide the first semester of my senior year. She demonstrates how to be a good person to all and I love her personality. She’s one of the few staff members I have a strong relationship with and can go to for advice anytime. 

Alex Chairez –

Mitski Miyawaki, Or just Mitski, is an indie artist who in the last few years has become very popular. She is notable as many of her songs carry deep meanings and emotions ranging from heartbreak, loneliness, self-worth, and being a woman of color. I remember I heard one of her songs in a random playlist and I liked it a lot. It was Washing Machine Heart. So naturally, I listened to more of her songs and slowly became a super fan. Keep in mind, this was during the peak of quarantine and a lot of her songs gave me an outlet to release my sorrow and to bring me some joy. Although she is known for her sad songs, she has many happier and brighter songs that also helped me get through many issues. For that, I owe her a lot.

Liam Prentice –

The woman that I look up to the most is my mom. My mom has been there for me all my life through the ups and downs. She is very caring, thoughtful, and hard-working. I never really had a father figure in my household growing up so she has taught me everything I know. I look up to her and take notes on what she does to make me a better person day in and day out. She is definitely the woman I admire the most.

Katelyn Fogelman –

My mom Amanda Ahlers is the first person that comes to mind when I think of a strong woman. She works as a technology specialist in elementary schools here in Bonner. My mom has worked hard to make sure that I feel loved and wanted. She is my hero and the person I look to when life throws me for a loop. I have faced many challenges but they all would have been thousands of times worse without her. 

Jessica Mock –

My big sister, Jaelynn, is my best friend. She is my hero. Jaelynn is someone I look up to when I don’t know what to do. She has her life planned out and is very organized. Over the past year, she and I have become inseparable and closer than ever. I’m able to go to her when I need anything. I’m glad I’m able to call her not just a sister, but a best friend.

Lyra Thompson –

My mom is a person who influences me in many ways. She pushes me to improve and encourages my hobbies and talents. I can pour out my heart and vent to her and she always listens. She takes care of me, physically and emotionally. I couldn’t imagine my life without my mom.

Rhiannon Steele –

My mom raised me as a single mother, for 16 years she took on the role of mom and dad doing everything that each parent would do. I’ve never met a stronger woman than my mom she has helped me through so much and j couldn’t ask for a better mom. My mom has always been there for me and she has got to be my favorite person on this planet, she raised me, and she’s always there for me she’s the best mom I could ask for.

Madden Rausch –

This women’s appreciation month I have no contest on who the most influential woman in my life is. My mom is the most influential woman in my life, she has done a very good job raising a boy who will go on to do great things in his life with a great foundation set by her. My mom is the sponsor of the BSHS Newspaper, and for her first year doing anything like this is crazy. She was originally a math teacher, so it is a 180. Happy women’s appreciation month! I love you, mom!