A Personal Take

The Kansas City Royals plan for a new ballpark


via mlb.com

Madden Rausch, Staff Writer

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of sports and America’s pastime. It doesn’t matter if it’s the minor league or the majors it’s always a fun time. Chasing for a foul and home run balls, the smell of delicious helmet nachos, and memories being made every game. Kauffman Stadium at the Harry Truman Complex may be aging but is still in the upper echelon of sports facilities. The new ownership, a group led by John Sherman, does not agree and is trying to move the Royals to downtown Kansas City.

As shown in the photo above, the Royals stadium is planned to be downtown and would cost 2 Billion dollars. They are trying to make it privately funded which will be nice for the short term. The issue, however, is if you’re willing to spend that much on a brand-new stadium, then why is the on-field product terrible so far this year? We are a smaller market, but that doesn’t account for the lack of signing good players. We don’t expect you guys to sign Juan Soto and Aaron Judge every year, we expect at least effort to be put into the team. We can’t hope for prospects unless they are ones that would succeed in any situation (see, Zach Greinke, Carlos Beltran) and there’s been minimal effort in terms of shaking up the farm system. I want to see at least the bare minimum of a competitive baseball franchise in Kansas City. Not losing 100 games every season, just a team that can compete. A downtown ballpark would be nice, but the problem is it would be a mere bandaid on this organization, masking all of the other faults.

I would love to go to games at a downtown ballpark and see this team. I’ve been a loyal fan even when we were terrible on the field, I just want to see this organization try, just try. They’ve made a step in the right direction by hiring Matt Quatraro but also made two steps back by not even trying to spend. Signing an okay player with good upsides would’ve done wonders on this team, but they won’t budge. I love this team and will continue to support them, but the focus of the team and its financial efforts seems to be misplaced.