The New Front Door


Katelyn Fogelman, Staff Writer

As you may have noticed in the main building, we have a new entrance to the front office. Instead of one door you now go through two. Over winter break we got a new waiting area added to BSHS. When you come up to the building and have to be buzzed in and you get to the new waiting area where you have to be buzzed in another time to either get to the commons or the front office.
After sitting down with the principal Mr. Hilliard we have more information about the door and its purposes. First and foremost it stands as another layer of security and controls excess traffic in the mornings. For students that are tarty, it helps to guide them into the commons and then to class after they have received their slip in the new waiting area. “It really slows down the traffic we have in the office,” says Hilliard. It also helps with privacy when a student comes to talk to a principal or counselor about a problem or for guidance.
Many people have been questioning its usefulness and its purpose. In the beginning, many were confused and frustrated about the new door. There have been mixed responses as to how it worked and how it got there without any word from the admin before or during the break. After a week though many are getting used to it having to go through two doors and being buzzed in twice.
Even though it’s looking great so far it’s not quite done. For students, access to the office will be limited. In order to get into the office a student needs to go to the new waiting area through the commons and get buzzed in by one of our secretaries. As for teachers, they will be able to buzz themselves in with their badges. And with everything new, it will take some patience. “Well, just like anything when there is something new it takes some adjustment to get used to but eventually it becomes normal,” Hilliard commented.