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The Most Infamous Serial Killer: Zodiac Killer

(Trigger Warning: this content holds details about horrific murders and may not be suitable for some.)

The Zodiac Killer

In July of 1969, a letter sent to The San Francisco Examiner Newspaper said, “I like killing people because it is so much fun,” was described in a coded message little did anyone know that he would never be found; that the victims would never receive justice. 

June 1963


Robert Domingos and his fiance Linda Edwards were seniors at Lompoc High School in Santa Barbara County in Southern California. It had been the “senior ditch day ” in which they decided to take that opportunity to go to a beach near Gaviota State Park to get a tan and hang out on the beach.  As they sunbathed enjoying the bright sun suddenly a rope bounded around them as they were attacked and beaten then shot. The gun was shot eleven times into Linda Edwards’s head and nine times into Robert Domingos’s head as well killing them both. 

Their bodies were dragged into a nearby shack as the killer attempted to burn them inside but failed. He knew that soon enough someone would find him along with the two bodies so he left them there lying in a shack waiting for someone to discover them. 

The police eventually discovered the bodies, they saw the wounds and the rope bound around their bodies as their blood dried. It reeked with smell as their bodies decomposed. The police searched but found no useful leads, making the case grow cold. 

It wasn’t until 1973 that the police believed that this could be the first connected case to the Zodiac Killer.

 October 1966


Cheri Josephine Bates was eighteen years old, she had a good life considering she lived with her father Joseph, and attended Riverside City College in Riverside, California. On the morning of October 30th, she left a note for her father saying she would be going to the library to study, that was the last time anyone heard from her.

The next morning her Volkswagen Beetle was found abandoned and disabled in the library parking lot. At the scene, a man’s Timex Watch was found and the band told the police that the wrist was seven inches long. Just about 100 yards away from the car Cheri Josphine Bates was beaten and stabbed several times with a short-bladed knife; her death was quick and she didn’t have much time to escape.  

Similarly to Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, there was no evidence and barely any leads. The case also grew cold until 1969 when the police believed that the case could be a connection to the Zodiac Killer because of the similar killing styles.

December 1968

It was soon nearing Christmas as it was December 20th, many people had bright shiny lights painting the skies while others were enjoying warm hot cocoa, but this wasn’t the case for Betty Lou Jenson and David Faraday as they were shot to death by five bullets on their first date night.  

It was like a dream come true; David Faraday had finally asked Betty Lou Jenson out after months of liking each other. David had picked her up in his car, they had driven around town for a while enjoying the Christmas lights and the festive decorations around time. It wasn’t until 11:15 pm that night they decided to park near a remote area called Lake Herman Road around the outskirts of Benicia, California.  

They were enjoying the night when several gunshots struck the car and the glass shattered. The person responsible for the death forced Betty Lou Jenson out of the car which David Faraday followed and without any warning, no signal, and no remorse a single bullet shot in the skull of David Faraday’s head. Still, it didn’t kill him, in fact, he had to feel it all as the blood dragged down his face. Police said it must have taken a couple of minutes for him to finally pass, but he left earth in fear and pain.

While David Faraday was shot Betty tried to make a run for it and try to escape but she was shot five times in the back killing her in an instant. Both were just kids, they had so much life and yet it was taken away in minutes. 

When the police arrived at the scene both of their lifeless bodies were lying next to each other. The police believed that David Faraday had heard of a major drug deal going on and was talking about it.  But no one knows for sure as people to this day are interested in who did it and their motive behind it.

The Zodiac killer:

These are a few of the killings the Zodiac Killer did, it was predicted he did thirty-seven in total but there could be several more. 

Besides the fact he was a serial killer, he had several tactics to increase fear in the nation. For example, he made handwritten threats in coded messages telling police he enjoyed killing and would be known for stalking his victims before killing.

To this day the Zodiac Killer has gone unknown but his killings left an imprint on society as a whole. All the thirty-seven murders have gone unsolved and cold. And the Idea of the Zodiac killer has become a mere myth.

The predictions of the Zodiac Killer are all over the place as some consider it to be one person and others say the police just made it to be one person to cover up the fact they couldn’t find any person to have linkage to all the murders.

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