MLK celebration

Every January we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., a man who has done many things in the fight for racial justice and equality. Born on January 15, 1929, King faced many common prejudices in the south growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. In his career, he has made many great changes. King helped with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in December of 1955, following the incident involving Rosa Parks who wouldn’t give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger. In June of 1963, King led over 125,000 in the Freedom Walk in Detroit to show the country the injustice faced by African Americans. And arguably his most notable moment was when he gave his speech “I Have a Dream” in Washington D.C., where he spoke about civil and economic rights and putting an end to racism.

This year the Bonner community came together to help celebrate. With the BSHS drum line starting the celebration off, then a video was shown by Shalyssa Mitchell of King’s last moments. There was an offering that raised $852 that will go towards a scholarship for a BSHS student. DRE shared powerful words from Olliea Jarrett and two songs from the choir (There is Peace and Lift Every Voice and Sing). The audience was moved by the performances and a big thanks to Mrs. Harrell for hosting such a heartwarming event.

After 52 years King’s memory is still strong. He was able to change many things and drive people out of their comfort zone. Even though King was the target of great harassment, death threats, and harm he was still able to make a breakthrough in the civil rights fight. After leading the movement, in 1968 King was sadly murdered in Memphis. Without King, our country would be drastically different. So every January remember how one man was able to change the world for the better and celebrate.