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The School News Site of Bonner Springs High School

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Jaylon Thompson’s article on Yahoo Sports
Royals on an Impressive Start: Can they keep up?
Madden Rausch, Staff Writer • April 15, 2024

Small sample size so far in the season. And the shock to many, the Royals are off to a flying start. Currently, Kansas City is in second place...

Mr. Mellick - Craftsman On and Off Campus
Mr. Mellick - Craftsman On and Off Campus
Lyra Thompson, Staff Writer • April 15, 2024

Mr. Mellick has been a teacher here at BSHS for almost ten years now, having started in the 2014-2015 school year, and has been very dedicated...

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
Inter Miami vs Sporting Kansas City:
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As the date gets closer, Lionel Messi and Inter Miami will travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play a soccer game against Sporting Kansas City. This...

Dainan Whetstone
BSHS DUI Experience
Katelyn Fogelman, Editor • April 5, 2024

The BSHS Prom is this weekend and with that comes the concerns of students driving unsafely, such as driving under the influence of alcohol....

    The Wichita, Kansas Massacre

    The Wichita, Kansas Massacre 

    Imagine yourself working at your local convenience store about to get off your shift around eight pm at night. Everything was going normally, it was a cold day the air was brisk and the sky was dark with only the stars lamenting the sky. Two men, both tall and muscular walk in with all black clothing on, you don’t suspect much but you are confused as to why they would come right before you closed down before the day.

    They take a couple of things after roaming around the store for quite some time before walking up to the register. You look down at what they brought but when you go to meet their eyes you are faced with a gun.

    This would be the start of one of the most dreadful massacres to ever come to Kansas known as the Wichita Massacre. 

    Before The Killings

    That night at around eight pm Andrew Schreiber sat in the Kum & Go convenience store when two men walked in dressed in all black. It was a normal night for Schreiber until a gun was pulled on him forcing him to follow the directions the two men told him, these two men were named Johnathan and Reginald Carr. Schreiber was forced into his car where he drove to the nearest ATM withdrawing eight hundred dollars soon after he got pushed out of the car into a grassy area and left abandoned but unharmed.

    The Beginning

    Ann Walenta was a fifty-five-year-old librarian who had a love for classical music. Her family consisted of her, her husband, and their two kids. Life of Walenta was going very well as she had a secure job and family to come home to every night. 

    At around nine thirty pm Walenta drove home alone after working long hours handling classical music and books.  When she arrived at her house there was an unfamiliar sports car parked directly in front of her house, but at this point, she didn’t suspect anything.

    Suddenly a man appeared dressed in all black and asked for help. Before she could respond or react a gun emerged from his pocket and locked directly in front of her face. Horror was the only emotion that controlled her at that moment as she quickly tried to escape. But a bullet spun and struck the window shield rippling through her body leaving her severely wounded and unconscious.

    December 14th, 2000 the Carr brothers broke into a house that belonged to a school teacher (her name is unknown) There they stole valuables and money before committing sex crimes on her.

    After hours of constant abuse and exploitation, the school teacher finally escaped with no clothes on in the cold weather. It took her about thirty minutes to arrive at a hospital and seek medical attention where she provided a description.

    As the school teacher was providing names the two men went on a killing spree with no plan other than just to brutally murder anyone who they could spot in their vision. They drove to Stryker Soccer Complex where they shot five people in the back of the head. Killing an additional two people they stole a car and headed back to their house. 


    The police were able to track down the car and capture the  Carr brothers; they instantly knew that these would be their guys after two of the living victims identified them both. They were both charged with one hundred thirteen charges involving robbery, kidnapping, rape, and capital murder on July 25, 2014.

    This would be one of the biggest massacres to ever occur in Kansas. However, the crimes that the men committed will have them locked up for life without parole, and the lives lost will never be able to be reversed.

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