Meet the New Teachers at BSHS

Get a preview of all of the new teachers this year.

Katelyn Fogelman and Jessica Mock

Mrs. Dobbs

Meet Mrs. Dobbs, she is one of the new faces that you might see around. Dobbs is the new band teacher alongside Mr. Wixon. She first taught in Wichita for two years but over the summer she moved to Bonner with her husband and learned about our band program. Dobbs went to K-State for her bachelors in Music Education. When she isn’t at the high school she is teaching the middle school band.


Ms. Greenlee

One of the new faces that you might see is Ms. Greenlee. She is our new choir director who has replaced Ms. Suchy. So far this year, she has been making great progress with the choir students. In her free time, she enjoys reading WWII historical fiction, spending time with her family, swimming, and singing. 


Ms. Maloy

Let’s welcome Ms. Maloy, she is our other new math teacher! She has actually been teaching for thirty-five years. She chose to teach at Bonner Springs because it is a welcoming, friendly, and laid back community. Maloy said that she doesn’t watch tv very much but would say that her favorite show is Forged in Fire


Mr. Markovich

Mr. Markovich is one of our new PE teachers this year and after graduating from Pittsburg State University this is his first year teaching. A favorite memory of his from high school is the competition aspect of sports. “The year has started out great for the most part, of course there have been some minor speed bumps, but other than that we were able to hit the ground running.” says Markovich.


Mr. Mays

Let’s have a warm welcome to Mr. Mays who is a first year teacher at Bonner but has been a teacher for a long time beforehand. “I don’t have free time,” said Mays. His favorite high school memory is running out on the fields on Friday night with the starting line. His year has been going great so far, “The kids have all been working hard, and everyone is real positive and helpful.”


Ms. Redden

Meet Ms. Redden, our newest English teacher. Redden has been teaching for seven years at Council Grove. In her high school days, her favorite memory is helping out backstage in musical productions and going to state for cross country and track. To fill up free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her cats.


Mr. Shanelec

This is Mr. Shanelec! He is one of our new math teachers. Shanelec graduated from Fort Hays State and Kansas State. This is his first year teaching. Some of his favorite tv shows are Chuck, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Ms. Wright

Let’s meet Ms. Wright, who is our new Spanish teacher. She has been teaching off and on for 20 years. Wright likes to go rock hunting, read, and do all different kinds of crafts and activities. Her favorite tv show is Virgin River. She attended KCKCC and St. Mary’s.