MLB Postseason Report – NL


MLB Postseason Report – NL

NL 1st Seed Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Los Angeles Dodgers are shocking, the best team in the MLB, with emphasis on the sarcasm. The Dodgers have been dominating the league as they have for the past few years now. They are led by Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and many more quality players. The key for the Dodgers is their pitching needs to stay on their torrid pace led by Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin. The hitting core is still good, but not even close to as good as the pitching. They are most definitely a favorite for the World Series and could make it back since 2020. Who knows who they’ll play? Whoever will make it out will have a tough game against the Dodgers or Braves. 


NL 2nd Seed Atlanta Braves:

This one is interesting because the Mets had the division lead for a while, but then at the buzzer beater Atlanta stole a division title from Queens. Not saying it’s not deserved because the talent in Atlanta deserves it, especially their hitting core. Austin Riley, Michael Harris, Matt Olsen, Ronald Acuna, Dansby Swanson, and William Contreas. However, the Achilles heel has been starting pitching, besides Fried and Strider. Bullpen however has been good with Jansen, Raisel Iglesias, AJ Minter, and more. The Braves also have a round bye week so they’ll be even more focused on the next series. The Braves have a shot to defend their title and bring another one home to Atlanta. Will they bring it home? Or will they pull an Atlanta and flame out in the end? I think it could honestly be either way for the club.


NL 3rd Seed St Louis Cardinals:

It’s a swan song year for the Cardinals so far. Pujols with his 700th home run, Yadier Molina breaking records, and Adam Wainwright still lights out pitching-wise. This team may not scream World Series or even postseason-wise, but the Cardinals are a team that can sneak up, win a series, and could potentially even make a run for the World Series. Some people are rooting for the Cardinals based on this year being a bunch of players’ final year. The stars of the team are Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado having amazing seasons and keep the Cardinals in games. During the trade deadline they fixed up the starting pitching and it’s worked with Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana being much better than what they had. Speaking of pitching, their bullpen is either dominating with ease or giving up runs. The Phillies will give them a tough series but the Cardinals are beatable compared to him. Whatever happens, this will be one last ride for St Louis. 


NL 4th Seed New York Mets: 

The Mets were very close to winning the NL East, but flaming out, in the end, cost them a first-round bye. They have to play a wildcard game, just like they did the last time they made it to the postseason. They’ve been rallied by one thing all year, the song Narco by Timmy Trumpet. That song is the walk-up song for star closer Edwin Diaz, who’s having the best season of his career with a 1.34 ERA. Their all-together pitching is good, and their hitting is really good. With Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor balling out for the team in Queens. The last time they made it, they lost to the Giants in the wild-card game and the season before they lost to the Royals in the World Series. This Mets team could easily make it to the World Series, but could also easily flame out in the Wild Card series. Time will tell though, but I’d favor a Buck Showalter-led team to go far based on his leadership.


NL 5th Seed San Diego Padres:

The Padres did it, they made the postseason for the first time since 2006. What a team that made it too, with all the stars on the team making it most likely the best team San Diego has ever seen. With Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Manny Machado, Juan Soto, Brandon Drury, and more. It will be very tough without Fernando Tatis Jr. due to a suspension on PEDs. I think they will be fine without him in the lineup since they’ve had a good year without Tatis even playing a game. All of the players I listed were hitters by the way. The pitching is hit or miss, either being lights out or giving up four or five runs in one inning. One good thing to happen is that Closer Josh Hader has found his form back, in his last nine appearances he’s given up no runs. That would be amazing if he keeps his form rolling into the postseason. Their pitching has to step up against the Mets because they can’t just be inconsistent and get away with a series win. This year will be a prove-it year for the Padres. Prove that you’re legit, prove that you can go far, and prove you guys aren’t just a one-and-done.


NL 6th Seed Philadelphia Phillies:

For the first time in the Bryce Harper era, the Philadelphia Phillies have made the postseason by the skin of their teeth. It could’ve been Milwaukee here but they collapsed in a year that will be known as what if? However, the Phillies deserve to be here based on talent and adversity. Back in June, they fired then-manager Joe Girardi and brought in Kansas graduate Rob Thomson. Thomson rallied the players to go 65-44 during his interim run as manager. They even did some of this with Bryce Harper out with injury which shows they are a good team. Their pitching may not be the best on paper, but they can go in and get the job done. Their hitting core is great led by Harper, Kyle Schwarber, and Rhys Hoskins, the three power hitters. Speaking about the team, the only reason the Phillies gave Milwaukee a chance in the Wild Card race was that the Phillies collapsed completely down the stretch. It was a photo finish as the Phillies escape with a postseason berth for the first time since 2011. If they can get out of that funk, they will give teams a tough time; especially against a team like the Cardinals giving St. Louis tough games, they could surprise people. No matter what happens, Philadelphia will take this as a learning opportunity.


The National League is honestly a mystery box, you don’t know who could win the league. It could be the Dodgers or the Braves or even Philadelphia. I for one, am going for the safe option in picking the Dodgers. It would be a rematch between the Astros and the Dodgers. All of these teams will have fun. Play ball!