NFL Trade Deadline 22′

Madden Rausch, Staff Writer


Some teams are all out on their quest for a championship, while some teams are down at rock bottom with Spongebob. This trade deadline will mean a lot for these teams and the trades. I will be going over the major trades that happened.


Kadarius Toney: B

Toney, in his time in New York, left a lot to be desired after fighting injuries and being dropped in the depth chart. After the new Giants regime came in, they had no allegiance with Toney and cut bait while he still had value. Kadarius Toney, in the Chiefs’ offense, has the potential to be a star wide receiver with his speed and catching ability; if Andy Reid can work his magic that dream will be a reality.


Christian McCaffrey: C+

CMC has been injured since signing his mega contract in Carolina. Now with Carolina rebuilding, why have a talent like that when you could acquire assets for him? The 49ers paid too much for CMC, well at least for my liking. The sky is high for him in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, but they really didn’t need a running back when they had Elijah Mitchell. Hope for their sake that McCaffery isn’t as injury-riddled as he was as a Panther.


James Robinson: A-

This grade for the Jets is for timing and the value they traded. James Robinson is a good running back who was underused in Duval County. The Jets best running back Breece Hall suffered a season-ending injury. All the Jets needed to trade was a 6th-round pick with the chance of becoming a 5th-round pick. Speaking of the Jets they are having a really good year and needed this trade badly.


Robert Quinn: A

The Bears decided to trade Robert Quinn, even though, they are exceeding expectations this year just based on the fact that they are not completely terrible. They only got a 4th round pick for a player who had 18.5 sacks last season. So far he is off to a slow start, but when Robert Quinn is playing up to his talent he is a very good asset and defensive line cornerstone. 


Robbie Anderson: B-

A disgruntled Panthers player finally gets his wish. After flipping out on a coach, he was traded the following day to the Cardinals for basically, nothing. Now, why am I giving this trade a B-? Simple, Anderson hasn’t had the stardom to be a diva receiver; he can prove me wrong if he wants to, but if he acts as he did in Carolina, then this won’t last long at all.


Roquan Smith: B-

Roquan Smith is having a good year, but he is angry with management. So they sent them to, Baltimore? I mean it fills a need at linebacker, but it is a luxury good for Baltimore when they need more than that. If Roquan turns into that missing piece it will be a homerun but I’m quite skeptical.


Calvin Ridley: TBD

This trade is very interesting. A suspended player getting traded to one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Jags will be looking towards the future with Ridley, but it seems like it might not last that long. They can prove me wrong though, this is why it gets a TBD (To-Be Determined) rating.


Bradley Chubb: A

Dolphins basically flipped 3 first-round picks into Jalen Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and Bradley Chubb from the 49ers trade a few years ago. The Broncos are looking for a rebuild, despite the fact that Russell Wilson’s trade has backfired badly so far. The worst part for Denver is that Seattle has their first-round pick. Back on topic, Chubb will be a big piece in the Dolphins’ defense for years to come, as long as they can resign him.


Chase Claypool: D+

Chicago needed a receiver for Justin Fields as he is getting better. To pair with Darnell Mooney is Claypool. He was good the last 2 years but has been fazed out of the lineup with George Pickens and Diontae Johnson. Claypool still has untapped potential, but I wouldn’t give up a second-round pick for potential.


TJ Hockenson: A+

Now, why am I giving this trade an A+? Simple, the fact they were able to get a top-5 tight end in the NFL and for a relatively low price. That’s just a masterclass effort from the Vikings’ general manager. He will most likely be the best tight end they have had since Kyle Rudolph.


William Jackson: A-

Another disgruntled NFL player seems to be a trend. The Steelers didn’t really need to trade but they went for a player in the bargain bin with the chance at helping their bad secondary. Jackson can more than likely be better in a defense coached by Terrell Austin.